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Academic honesty and integrity are essential to the very existence and viability of any academic community of distinction. At CCS, honorable behavior, a characteristic associated with the best inclinations of humanity, prominently includes respect for others in thoughts,deeds and words.

A person acts in an honorable fashion when he/she displays respect for property, both personal property and that of others.  Academic honesty, respect for others, and respect for property all are reflections of the self-respect that is part of instruction at CCS and the expectation is extended at all times to every student who is a citizen of our school community. 

We, the members of Cochabamba Cooperative School community, accept the Common Trust. We agree to relate to one another and the school with respect, trust, honesty, fairness and kindness.

CCS was built with the belief that all students can have access to a true American education. We believe that all students have exceptional potential, and that with the right support and guidance, they can achieve great success in school, post-secondary, and the workplace. Currently, we are preparing our students to hone 21st century skills and be prepared to meet the needs of our globalized world.

  • Knowledgeable
  • Thinkers
  • Communicators
  • Principled

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Bachelor Of Science in Business Administration

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