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Detail About How To Apply - Pre requisites

  • Student and parent/guardian
  • Foreign report card ( official translation)
  • Convalidation of transcript for HS
  • Letter of intent from parents
  • Letter of reference from a previous or current CCS parent

Education Services

Calvert Cooperative School was established in  1954 by Eleanor Pol, for the public benefit and it is recognized.

International Hubs

CCS will become a leader by providing an adaptive curriculum


CCS believes that all students can have access to a true American education

School Life

CCS was built with the belief that all students can have access to a true American education.

The Application Process



Interview with admissions counselor ( parents and students)



Set student interview with Psycho-Pedagaogist



  • English admissions exam to determine the English proficiency level
  • Determine the acceptance based on availability


Letter of acceptance will be sent via email



  • Parents must bring all original academic and personal documents to the admission counselor
  • Parents must attend parent orientation workshops




Signing of contract prior to payment

Things To Know First

You will need :

  • Preliminary interview of the immediate family and applicant with the Admissions Advisory and Psychopedagogist.
  • Students take various skills tests, including the English test is one of the determinants to establish the level, capacities, and learning style fit for that student.
  • Registration will proceed once verification of all documents and exams have been completed.

When To Apply?

At the begining of each academic year, the DDE will provide
pre and open registration dates. Stay tuned for updates.

Where to submit necessary documents?

Documents not submitted through the online method can be mailed to: