High School

AP Program

The Advanced Placement (AP) Program is one of the best opportunities for high school students to prepare for college. The coursework is for students who are prepared for additional educational challenges and are willing to take classes that are conducted at a faster pace and delve more deeply into a subject matter. Upon completion of an AP class at CCS, students have an opportunity to sit for an exam to earn college credits and get a transcript.

An AP class can be an invaluable step between high school and university studies. Students will be challenged to learn and will gain important study skills he/she will need for college courses.

CCS currently offers the following AP Courses:

  • AP Biology
  • AP Economics
  • AP Physics
  • AP Spanish

Diploma Requirements

To obtain a High School Diploma at CCS, your child must complete the following curriculum between 9th and 12th grades.  A “Credit” for the American diploma is defined as the successful completion of 135 hours of class time or a full-year course.  A “Class” for the Bolivian diploma is defined as the successful completion of 2 semesters of a scheduled 90 minute class or a full-year course.


American Diploma Required Curriculum (23 Credits Total)

  • 4 Credits of English
  • 4 Credits of Math
  • 4 Credits of History
  • 4 Credits of Science
  • 1 Credit of Computer Technology
  • 4 Credits of Foreign Language
  • 2 Credits of PE/Health

Bolivian Diploma Required Curriculum (26 Classes Total)

  • 4 Classes of Spanish
  • 4 Classes of Math
  • 5 Classes of Social Studies (must include World History I, II, Bolivian Soc. Studies, Anthropology, Philosophy, and Psychology)
  • 4 Classes of Science
  • 1 Class of Computer Technology
  • 4 Classes of Foreign Language
  • 2 Classes of PE/Health
  • 1 Class of Art
  • 1 Class of Music


CCS is interested in every student’s success and offers a vigorous curriculum that will enable students to easily transition into an American university or into other overseas schools around the world.

Our school is accredited by the Advanc-ED/Cognia and the Bolivian Ministry of Education. As such it is able to offer both American and Bolivian High School Diplomas.