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•  Official report cards of all previous grades, most recent grades.

•  Standardized testing scores if applicants come from an American or international school.

•  Original birth certificate and photocopy.

•  Photocopy of identification card or passport identification pages.

•  Medical records and vaccination chart or certificate.

•  Completed application forms: There are three forms. Please click on the indicated links.

Special circumstances:

•  Students who come from schools where there are no number or letter grades but conceptual evaluations will be assigned to their respective grades according to age and placement tests results.

•  Students coming from Bolivian schools will be admitted only when their level of proficiency in English is such that teachers believe they will be able to succeed in the assigned grade.

•  Students coming from schools where the calendar year starts in February and ends in November or December will have to repeat the second semester of the year they just finished.

•  No students will be allowed to skip a semester due to the calendar year difference.

•  The director may refuse admission to any student if the student is at risk of not being able to succeed within our school's learning environment and/or if the student may jeopardize the learning or the safety and welfare of other students.

English and math admission exams

Students who do not come from American or international schools will have to take an English admission exam.

All applicants will take a math admission exam.


Initial grade placement and class assignment is based on records, admission testing results and all information available at the time of registration. New entrants however may be reassigned or placed in another section or at a different grade level within the first six weeks after registration once the student performance in classes is deemed inappropriate for the assigned level.

Entrance age:

September 1 st is the date used to determine grade level placement.

Pre-Kinder 3 : 3 years old by Sep. 1 st of the school year that begins in early August of each calendar year.

Pre-Kinder 4 : 4 years old by the same date.

Kinder: 5 years old.

First grade: 6 years old and so forth.


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