Welcome to the Cochabamba Cooperative School


School Mission

"The faculty and staff of CCS provide a quality and equitable education, measured by outcomes, effectively preparing students for a continually changing world."

School Vision

CCS is a safe, disciplined, positively supportive, productive educational environment where students are engaged in meaningful learning."










The Cochabamba Cooperative School serves students from a wide range of backgrounds and beliefs. The school was founded in 1954 by a group of U.S. citizens using the Calvert Correspondence Method, and has provided over 60 years of uninterrupted quality educational service.

CCS maintains the ideals of international American schools, offering a comprehensive education in the English language and preparing students for continuing studies in both American and Bolivian universities as well as institutions of higher education throughout the world.  

Professional Affiliations

The Cochabamba Cooperative School is accredited through the United States Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and is recognized by the Bolivian Ministry of Education. CCS also coordinates activities and events with other American schools in Bolivia.  

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